Client: City of Ottawa
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Size: N/A

JLR was retained for this large scale, stimulus-funded fast-tracked integrated road, sewer, and watermain reconstruction initiative with very challenging soils conditions. The project included the replacement of sanitary sewers, select storm sewers, watermains, and complete roadway reconstruction on Lavergne Street, Jolliet Avenue, Ste. Cecile Street, Montfort Street, Garneau Street, Ferland Street, Hector-Hotte Way, Frechette Street, Ste. Monique Street, and Perrier Avenue. The new infrastructure included 2,000 m of sanitary sewer, 1,130 m of storm sewers, 2,600 m of watermain, and 2,600 m of full road reconstruction, including new sidewalks and intersection narrowings.

The project also included an extensive house investigation program to document servicing for each property and to assess extraneous flows. The subsurface conditions varied across the site with bedrock, thick peat deposits, high groundwater, and extensive contaminated material. Potential settlement of houses founded on the peat was a concern. The existing gas mains and services were shallow and utility poles, overhead wires, and other existing buried utilities were present across the site, requiring accommodation in the design and close coordination with utility owners.

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