Meadowlands Drive Reconstruction

Services Offered

  • Civil
  • Municipal
  • Location:
    Ottawa, Ontario
  • Value: $6M
  • Size: Fisher Avenue to Inverness Avenue
  • Client: City of Ottawa
  • JLR Contact: Phil Reeve
  • Related Projects: Sandridge Road Reconstruction and Hillsdale Road Sewer Outlet, Woodroffe Sanitary Sewer and Watermain Replacement, Manotick Commercial Core and Hillside Gardens Sanitary Sewer

Project Details

Meadowlands Drive between Fisher Avenue and Tiverton Drive had experienced numerous recent watermain breaks.  Aging and undersized sanitary and trunk storm sewers also serviced this section of Meadowlands Drive.  JLR completed the detail design and tender document preparation for an integrated road, sewer, and watermain reconstruction along Meadowlands Drive between Fisher Avenue and Tiverton Drive.

Meadowlands Drive is classified as a major collector and also includes four eastbound and two westbound OC Transpo bus routes within the project limits.  Management of car and bus traffic was one of the key challenges for this project and was considered during all stages of the design process, including the selection of sewer and watermain corridors.  JLR consulted closely with the City and OC Transpo to develop a comprehensive traffic management plan.  Given the project schedule, existing physical constraints, and the extent and size of the underground infrastructure that was to be installed, it was not feasible to maintain traffic flow in both the eastbound and westbound directions.  The surrounding road network is composed of narrow residential side streets with little room to accommodate a major two-way traffic and bus detour.  JLR also consulted with an experienced local contractor as part of the design process to discuss traffic management and to assess the space required to install the proposed underground infrastructure.  The final traffic management plan included construction of a temporary traffic lane in the boulevard to maintain traffic flow in at least one direction.  Installation of buried infrastructure within the intersection of Meadowlands Drive and Fisher Avenue was also limited to weekend work only.

The final design included 900 m of new 406 mm diameter watermain to replace the aging 250 mm watermain.  JLR worked closely with the City’s Infrastructure Services Department to review the impact of shutting down the existing watermain during construction to outline any potential constraints within the tender documents with respect to staging of the watermain replacement.  The old 1050 mm diameter trunk storm sewer was also replaced with larger 1350 mm and 1500 mm diameter pipe.  We designed a short section of custom 1800 mm x 900 mm box storm sewer with a 100 mm deep notch along the top of the pipe to accommodate crossing of a sanitary service over the proposed trunk storm sewer.