John is an Associate and the Special Projects Market Chief. He has focused much of his professional practice on leading the technical aspects of our structural engineering group and ensuring a high level of expertise. In particular, John has focused his efforts on being fully versed in seismic analysis/design of structures, including meeting the seismic provisions of the National Building Code of Canada and undertaking analysis and design of structures for unusual loads, such as blast loading. John is a member of the CSA Code Committee for the new Code Design of Buildings for Blast Effects.
John has been the principal structural engineer on many of the major building design projects completed by the firm. In this role, he has led the structural engineering team in design and contract document preparation. John has also been the principal engineer on a number of structural engineering audits, studies, peer reviews and other similar structural assessments.

Leadership Team

Bill Bélanger

Associate; Senior Structural Engineer; Mining Market Chief

Raimondo Cuda

Associate; Chief Architect

John Elliot

Associate; Special Projects Market Chief

Neil Farr

Associate; Industrial Market Chief

Joan Haysom

Associate; Innovative Energy Market Chief

Brian Hein

Executive Director; Environmental Infrastructure Market Chief

Sarah Gore

Executive Director; Senior Environmental Engineer

Laura Grover

Executive Director; Senior Structural Engineer

René Lambert

Vice President

Jeff Laberge

Executive Director; Buildings Market Chief

Ryan Matthews

Executive Director; Municipal Market Chief

Georges Quirion

Executive Director; Director of Architecture

Saverio Parrotta

President and Chief Executive Officer

Phil Reeve

Executive Director; Chief Civil Engineer

Nicolas Rivet

Executive Director; Senior Electrical Engineer

Michael Troop

Executive Director; Senior Environmental Engineer; Manager, Guelph